About | ReMAP


ReMAP© allows Remodelers to effectively and efficiently Plan, Run and Monitor your day-to-day functions, through
a proven, configurable, easy-to-use, integrated service platform


  • The need for a purpose built solution for Remodeling Firms targeting American households
  • Lack of a simple interface and an integrated platform to conduct key tasks effectively and efficiently
    • Currently no easy way for these firms to plan, execute and review their activities in one single platform
      • Set up products, prices and regions/territories
      • Capture leads from multiple lead sources effectively
      • Define sales territories for Sales Management and Field Sales force
      • Assign leads to teams on a day-to-day basis
      • Capture the disposition on leads run (sales detail, reason for no-sale etc)
      • Analyze market, resource and product performances for management
      • Generate and publish reports and analytics
  • Poor conversions, high lead costs, lost productivity, revenue leakage, lost business


  •  The PLAN-RUN-CHECK™ construct that integrates the Planning, Execution and Analysis of the various activities related to successful sales and operations
  • Ability to configure/’purpose-build’ a solution with parameters specific to the remodeling business – products, markets and resources, yet take advantage of pre-built templates and solution infrastructure
  • Single, simple interface for Remodeling business owners, sales managers,installation managers and administrative staff
  • Deployment in a hub-and-spoke scenario where the Remodeling business manager can ‘subcontract’ work and track the activity of the subcontractor
  • Standard and configurable reports that summarize by market, by resource, by product – plan vs actual, performance by period, causal factor analysis,conversion, retention and other operational and financial metrics


  • Better management of leads, better lead productivity (higher conversion)
  • Increased productivity from sales management and sales teams
  • Better retention of sales force
  • Increased Operational efficiency (decreased cycle times)
  • Increased customer service through quicker responses to customers
  • Better leverage with suppliers (with better analytics on sales, material costs)
  • Automation of various reporting tasks and therefore improved productivity of Administrative resources
  • Incremental business from sales channels
  • Better profitability

Who Are We

Nathan Research is a niche enterprise software / technology firm and is in the business of providing a portfolio of software products to specific industry verticals such as Retail, Logistics and Telecom Services. These products are offered as services on the cloud and serve a range of business functions to handle Planning, Execution and Monitoring of business operations

Why Us

  • 75+ years collective experience in
    • Planning, operational and managerial experience at Fortune 50 companies, Big 5 consulting and Supply Chain software companies
    • Process Design, Solution Development background using Advanced Modeling, Systems Engineering and Financial Analysis in all Corporate functions – Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Production, Customer Svc
  • Design, development and deployment of leads-to-sales-to-fulfillment workflow for companies
  • Engagement with Retail and other Service Providers, including major Home Improvement Services Providers
  • Development of strategic plans, planning models (for product, price, promotions, supply chain distribution and
    logistics functions), operationalization of these plans
  • Development of an Operational Management Discipline for Sales, Marketing, Installation and Customer Service
  • Proven track record of successful implementations and documented benefits
  • Unique approach to problem solving combining proprietary models, process discipline and technologies