ReMAP™ is an all-in-one platform for the home improvement industry. It streamlines lead management, design, sales, and project execution for remodelers. Suppliers can easily introduce new products through the built-in catalog. With AI/AR technology, designers, architects, and homeowners can visualize and design their projects. ReMAP™ is trusted by large and small home improvement businesses, offering a wide range of categories and leading brands. Learn more at our product site and slide deck.

ReMAP Home Improvement Suite

An End-to-End platform for Remodelers

  • Manage contacts, capture leads, prioritize and assign leads to sales reps
  • Enable sales to conduct at-home consultations
  • Design, configure and visualize projects, generate quotes, establish sales contracts
  • Track sold projects, issue material purchase orders and installation orders
  • Follow up with customers

ReMAP Design Buy Build

Engage your customers through visualization of products

  • Create powerful visualization of spaces through augmented reality
  • Pre built stock layouts to visualize homes AI to automatically identify common categories like cabinets, countertops etc

ReMAP Catalog

Rich assortment of 1000s of products across categories

  • Multiple categories represented – Cabinets, Countertops, Backsplash, Flooring, Doors
  • Leading brand names and suppliers
  • Ability for suppliers to introduce new items and publish to remodeling customers
  • Ability for remodelers to review and subscribe to specific items published by suppliers

ReMAP Core

Solid backbone of an architecture

  • Rich API library
  • Frequent releases with updates and bugfixes
  • 24 x 7 Email Support

ReMAP Marketing

Lead Gen and Marketing tools

  • Centralized Email and Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Integrate with Home Advisor or other lead generating companies to get leads
  • Easy appointment setting with an integrated calendar
  • Track lead engagement and activity via ReMAP Analytics & Reports.

ReMAP Lead Management

Prioritize set and manage appointments

  • Capture leads from multiple lead sources and channels
  • Manage flow of leads from different channels
  • Configurable scripts and calling flows
  • Integrate with HomeAdvisor and other lead generating systems
  • Automatically assign leads to Sales Reps’ Calendars

ReMAP Job Management

Manage a project post-sale

  • Generate material and install orders on sold jobs
  • Manage job flow through its life from sales to installation.
  • Streamline workflow between branch office, field sales, measure techs, material vendors and installers
  • See backlog of jobs by units and by dollars

ReMAP Sales Management

Manage the sales process and a field sales force

  • Lookup lead details and rep calendars
  • Manage territories of sales staff, Rep Services support
  • Distribute leads to the field sales managers and sales reps
  • Report sales by timeframe, territory, product, by team etc.

ReMAP Sales Configurator

Dynamic configuration of project based on product selections

  • Assisted selling through multi level and visual step-by-step product configuration
  • APIs into complex, organized representation of multi-level product catalogs
  • Ability to revise orders and keep track of request/approval workflow
  • Integration into a Product Advisor (questionnaire driven rules based product recommendation engine)
  • Digitization of all sales paperwork, automatic, e-contracts

ReMAP Analytics and Reporting

Reporting of key business and operational metrics

  • Complete end-to-end visibility to all business metrics
  • Web based presentation of business dashboards and analytics
  • Dynamic reports and charts by market, by product, by function, by timeframe


The Ultimate Solution for Streamlining your Foreign Trade Zone Operations

  • Efficient Documentation Management: Automate the processing, review, and filing of necessary documentation, ensuring compliance and reducing manual workload.
  • EDI Data Handling: Seamlessly transform and validate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, including invoices, shipments, products, and withdrawals, into required formats for integration into your databases.
  • Comprehensive Invoice Management: Our dedicated teams manage the complexities of diverse account processes with 24/7 support, ensuring accurate and timely handling of invoices and shipments.
  • Specialized Services: Benefit from tailored applications for FDA/Non-FDA processes, Acelynk Integration, and automated file generation and importation into your systems.

ReMAP Sales Copilot

Transform Your Remodeling Business with Our Sales Copilot

  • Innovative Kitchen Remodel Software: ReCo combines powerful design tools with intuitive features to simplify your kitchen remodeling experience.
  • Interactive Chatbot Assistance: Enjoy real-time answers to FAQs and personalized guidance through ReCo’s integrated chatbot feature.
  • Customizable Design Solutions: Create and visualize your dream kitchen with ReCo’s customizable design solutions, tailored to fit your unique preferences and needs.