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Our History

ReMAP™ was originally found in 2002 by Ram Viswanathan under the banner of Nathan Research,inc. As a ‘Big-5’ supply chain consultant and a solutions architect working with the world’s largest firms, Ram kept running into situations where some of these firms, despite having bought expensive enterprise software, ran much of their operations on office tools like Excel. Thus was born the idea for ReMAP™ – from the belief that certain industry segments were direly in need of comprehensive, yet easy-to-use workflow optimization tools. Starting out as a Strategic Consulting operation under the name Nathan Research Inc in 2002, the company has since evolved into a full-fledged Software-as-a-Service organization, now known as ReMAP™, with an extensive portfolio of products covering sales & operations, workflow automation, data analytics and customer experience.

In his journey with the idea for ReMAP™, Ram came across Remodeling & Home Improvement Industry where there was a significant challenge in bringing together physical products and labor to coordinate projects. As an early adopter of cloud, ReMAP™ solutions helped streamline operational workflows of businesses in this sector, delivering topline improvements, bottomline efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction levels. The small team that Ram put together to start the journey, to build solutions for certain beta customers with great success, has now grown into a worldwide operation and a full fledged portfolio of solutions and an end-to-end SaaS platform ReMAP™ which has been well received and adopted by enterprise customers, including some of the largest Home Improvement Companies that are in Fortune 25. ReMAP™ continues to bring great offerings to the market with continuous upgrades and new features to deliver the best technology for its customers’ success.

ReMAP™ remains committed to the success of the Home Improvement Industry with the guidance of its customers that range from small businesses to industry leading Enterprises.