How to Save Time & Cost using the ReMAP Platform

Let’s take the example of Jason West’s Company, a Kitchen Remodeler.

Jason West’s Sales team is provided leads from advertising channels.The Sales team schedules and conducts in- home consultation during which they perform the following tasks

  • Allow the prospect to see past projects , catalog and portfolio
  • Zero in on what the prospect wants the remodel project to look like
  • Write down/type down the list of all the products required to complete the remodel project
  • Competitively quote on the project
  • Get prospect to sign off on starting the project
  • Get the paperwork over to the Office administrator

The Office Administrator performs the following tasks to get the project completed:

  • Create a list of all the vendors or suppliers that they need materials from
  • Create material orders for each supplier for their respective items
  • Record the cost for all products in the system to track project costs and margins
  • Schedule the installer
  • Provide project updates to sales rep or customer until project is completed

Due to the amount of paperwork involved and the shortage of staff, Jason West Company can only handle 4 projects a month. Now let’s analyze the same process using ReMAP and which steps can be avoided

Sales Rep & Office Admin combined process with ReMAP:

  • Get leads automatically assigned to the right rep
  • Interactive configurator and visualizer tools helps quick and efficient project design
  • Customer is provided with instant digital quote & sign off
  • All documents automatically are uploaded to the cloud accessed by Office Admin
  • Material Orders for each Vendor automatically created and ready to be sent

On average this is a saving of 10-30 hours of labor cost savings for Jason West Company per project.The company can now handle 10-12 projects a month easily.

Time & Cost Savings Calculator for your business for a project:

Without ReMAP With ReMAP
Time taken to create quote 3 hrs 20 mins
Time taken to get quote to Office Administrator from the field 6 hrs 1 min
Time taken to get materials orders from quote 4 hrs 20 mins
Time taken to get installers scheduled 1 hr 20 mins
Time taken to process 14 hrs 1 hr