Streamline Your Foreign Trade Zone Operations with ReMAP FTZ

Importing goods into the US involves navigating a complex landscape of customs clearances, inspections, and additional value-added activities within Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs). ReMAP FTZ, a specialized software solution, simplifies these intricate processes for importers, freight forwarders, and 3PL service providers.

ReMAP FTZ Software and Services

Our experience and expertise in Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) processes, includes software and related services where we offer unparalleled support to our clients. With in-depth knowledge and understanding, we empower our clients to navigate the complexities of FTZ procedures seamlessly. As an example, we assist one of our clients to help manage over 30 accounts within their FTZs. We ensure exceptional support, ensuring timely and accurate handling of all accounts.

EDI Data Handling

We ensure smooth transformation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, including invoices, shipments, products, and withdrawals. The process starts with accessing client source servers and files through Secure FTP. Once we download the EDI data, our validation process ensures accuracy before sending acknowledgment files to our clients. We then convert the data into multiple required formats (like .PAR and .RCP) and import them into their databases for further processing, significantly reducing their workload. Our applications are capable of handling high volume of files daily for a single account, and we manage more than 10 accounts with efficiency and reliability, streamlining operations.

Daily Files Import Process

We download four different daily files from an FTP folder, detailing day-to-day FTZ transactions such as receipts, withdrawals, product information, and on-hand stock details, using a secure VPN connection. These files are converted into the standard layout format required for import into the Ezftzo Application, utilizing a Standard Feed Translator application. Additionally, we manage extended processes such as CF214 creation, error clearance, IMT processing, and withdrawal processing to alleviate the time-consuming aspects of our clients’ daily workload.


We have automated the downloading of EDI data containing daily FTZ transactions, such as receipts, withdrawals, product details, and on-hand stock information, using a secure VPN connection. This data is converted into a standard layout format and imported into the Ezftzo Application. The process runs on a scheduled basis, and we send a summary of the data counts to our client via email.

Edit Invoice Process

The Edit invoice process receives and handles invoice details from our clients. In a diverse set of accounts at each client, each account comes with its own unique processes, and we’ve dedicated teams to manage each account. Our team members are highly skilled and capable, adept at handling the intricacies of invoice and shipment processes on a daily basis. Our support is available round-the-clock, 24/7, and we offer a comprehensive helpdesk system to address any queries or concerns promptly.