Augmented reality is a way of enriching the experience of viewing digital content by making it appear as if it exists in the user’s physical environment – a great way for companies to engage with their customers and create an emotional attachment to their designs and products.

ReMAP Visualizer is an augmented reality module that allows customers to visualize products in their homes. It can be used on any device with a camera, and it can be used to visualize kitchens and bathrooms.

The categories that ReMAP currently supports are Cabinets, Countertops, Backsplash, Flooring, Wall Paint, Doors, Windows, Bathtubs, Showertiles and Showerpans..

Visualize a New Remodel Concept

ReMAP Visualizer is a tool for visualizing the home or client’s home. It provides a visualization of the space in order to get an idea of how it will look after the remodeling process. The user can upload a photo of the area to be remodeled and then use this tool to see what it would look like.

The user can choose from different styles, colors, and textures when they are designing their home or client’s home. Choose a template from the library or use your catalog of designs to visualize how the space looks before and after changes.

Accessory additions

ReMAP Visualizer provides accessory additions such as knobs, handles from a selection in the design. Various products from the catalog can be interchanged with the existing product and the entire design can be visualized.