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Get Access to the Powerful ReMAP Platform & Engine

  • Centralized Data for Easy Access
  • 24 x 7 Email Support
  • API access to integrate with other systems
  • Access to Android or Apple mobile app and other App Exchange Locations
  • Access to Master Data Management for creating complex Catalogs the engine behind Quote Configurator


Create Centralized campaigns or integrate with other company systems to get leads.

  • Centralized Email and Social Media marketing campaigns
  • Manage Campaign Content from one location
  • Integrate with Home Advisor or other lead generating companies to get leads
  • Easy Appointment Setting with Lead information via an integrated calendar
  • Easily Track Lead engagement and activity via ReMAP Analytics & Reports.

Leads Management

Manages flow of leads from different channels.

  • Acquire leads from multiple lead sources and channels
  • Scripted Call Center configurable calling flows
  • Integrate with HomeAdvisor and other lead generating systems
  • Automatically assign leads and appointment to Sales Rep Calendars
  • Easily enter leads into the system

Sales Management

Manage a field sales force and their calendars.

  • Lead lookup by multiple means – web, mobile, push/pull
  • Store/Territory management of sales staff, Rep Services support
  • Distribution of leads to the field sales managers
  • Automatic appointment lead information and intel in Sales Rep Calendar
  • Automatic sales reporting – by the hour, on demand by product, by rep etc


Engage your customers through visualization of products in their homes through augmented reality

  • Allow customers to visualize a new remodel concept
  • Preselected areas in Kitchens, Baths, Office, Living, Family room
  • Accessory additions (such as knobs, handles) from a selection
  • Allow customer to use their own home photo as the base scene
  • Drive exceptional customer experience & get greater closing ratios

Sales Configurator

Assists field sales in dynamic configuration of product bundle pricing options and for project

  • Assisted selling through multi level and visual step-by-step product configuration
  • APIs into complex, organized representation of multi-level product catalogs
  • Ability to revise orders and keep track of request/approval workflow
  • Integration into a Product Advisor (questionnaire driven rules based product recommendation engine)
  • Digitization of all sales paperwork, automatic, e-contracts

Job Management

Assists office administrators track the flow of orders to material suppliers and labor

  • Real time generation of material and install orders on sold jobs
  • Job flow management and tracking of a job through its life from sales to installation.
  • Integrated workflow between branch office, field sales, measure techs, material vendors and install vendors
  • Reporting to see backlog of jobs by units and by dollars
  • Full end-to-end real time visibility of all job information

Analytics and Reporting

This module allows the business to look at the health of the business across various functions

  • Complete end-to-end visibility to all business metrics
  • Web based presentation of business dashboards and analytics
  • Dynamic reports and charts by market, by product, by function, by timeframe
  • Integrated data warehouse model to provide end-to-end visibility
  • Cutting Edge Natural Query Reports and Analytics